Nebraska's Own

U.S.D.a Certified Ranch Raised Beef

Responsibly Raised & Hormone Free

Ranch Raised Beef Delivered Right to Your Front Door

We are committed to producing a wholesome and delicious product that your whole family will enjoy!

Subscription Boxes

Don't want to have to remember to order more meat every month? Try out one of our boxes! Just set it and forget it! Cancel at any time.

Package Deals

Choose from our different packages with a well rounded variety. Great gifts to send to family, friends, and co-workers!

Dry Aged to Perfection!

Now Serving Flax Fed Beef!

At Nebraska’s Own we supplement our cattle with a unique flax seed combination that delivers biologically effective Omega 3 fatty acids. The result is a delicious beef with all the flavor and high quality protein you crave while delivering a natural balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids.

 Omega 3's for Healthy Animals

Better health for our cattle and a superior product for our customers.

You will notice the difference in our meat! A natural way of delivering the highest levels of Omega 3's to your diet.

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Offering the best beef Nebraska has to offer!

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